I’m Jo Lyons, an artist, editor and writer. I’ve always loved writing stories, from waaay back when I used to bang out stories about Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake (no doubt highly derivative!) on our red 1960s Valentine typewriter and get my family to read them. This blog is an attempt to tap back into that happy process. My love of stories and books also led me to become a book editor. Favourite books I’ve edited include the Nick Cave book A Little History by photographer Bleddyn Butcher, Fukushima by award-winning ABC reporter Mark Willacy, Christie Nieman’s beautiful young adult book As Stars Fall, and Dominic Smith’s dazzling Bright and Distant Shores. I also illustrated the cover for and edited Simone Felice’s novella Black Jesus, and my story ‘Noodlehead’ was published in The Amazing Life of Cats (edited by Candida Baker).

In the past couple of years I’ve held two exhibitions of paintings, drawings and mixed media works with my sister and fellow artist, Kate Lyons-Dawson. I’m lucky enough to be currently working in my new new dream job as museum editor (where we happen to have a shiny red Valentine typewriter on display), and am hatching plans for future artworks and writings.


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